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A lightweight, elegant launcher


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With all the launchers available on the market, finding one that fits all your preferences is almost impossible. However, Hola Launcher might finally be the one you've been looking for. This application is ideal for users who are looking for both elegance and speed in a launcher.

Hola Launcher helps you open and use your apps in an intelligent way. You can assign a specific action for opening specific apps; with just one movement of your finger, you can open any tool you need without having to look for it.

Another feature of this launcher is the automatic grouping of the apps you have installed into folders organized by category. This helps you clean up your device and puts an end to unorganized apps. You can change the apps around whenever you want, so don't worry about how the launcher automatically organizes them.

Hola Launcher also includes some special features that you won't see in other launchers, like the the ability to hide apps, edit the effects used when changing windows, and search for things directly from the main page using an integrated search bar. Plus, you can instantly edit your high definition background daily.
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